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A Magical Brew
For a Local Company

Witch's Brew Design

Role: Design and Layout


  • packaging design

  • poster design

  • social media assets

For this project, I was challenged to create both a concept and design for a new beer for a local brewery. I had to take into consideration current trends in both beer making and can design in order to make a unique product.


I began research by looking into breweries in the Twin Cities and comparing trends in regards to flavors and design aesthetics.

I found flavor profiles to be increasingly unique and creative, while can design appeared to be based in patterns or detailed illustration relating to the brew's title.

Once I decided on a herbal pale ale titled Witch's Brew, I began researching imagery and colors associated with witches in popular culture.

Continuing  the Design Process


First Drafts


Final Designs

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 10.42.48 PM.png
bev project poster.jpg
iPhone in Hand Mockup.jpg
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