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Nature's Bounty Packaging

Role: Design and Layout


  • packaging design

The goal of this redesign is to make Nature's Bounty Products the first product potential customers notice when they walk into the vitamin aisle. The design will reflect Nature's Bounty's promise of high quality while communicating the brightness and happiness that is associated with good health.

nature's bouty mockuptrans.png

For this redesign I did research into the original design and company. I wanted to create a new design that stood up to the competition and could be seen immediately on the shelf. 

I made sure to use the original company colors and added an additional color from their branding in other locations. I opted for a modern sans-serif and gradient to bring the design into the 2020s. The dynamic color choices make the bottle stand out from its competitors. 


Logo Update

Asset 1_330x.png

The wordmark was also redesigned using a updated sans-serif font and the logo received a facelift while still incorporating the traditional three leafed stem. These were changed to increase readability and recognizability at at further distances. 

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